Curious Scenes Podcast : 

Links to the Curious Scene episodes will be posted below.  This Podcast is a study/  commentary of Biblical narrative and themes presented in the Out of Water study group.

Matthew 18  ongoing series

Matthew 18: Episode 5

This is the 5th episode in our Matthew 18 series.  In this episode we discuss reference teaching, some basics of translation methods, and other appearances of the number 77 within scripture.  Do any of these uses relate to Jesus' teaching on forgiveness? Will it matter?

Matthew 18: Episode 4

This is the 4th episode of our Matthew 18 study.  In this episode we discuss the use of numbers within the biblical narrative.  East vs West.  Data points vs Symbols.  Good and Evil.  Old and New.  The Sinister Six?

Matthew 18: Episode 3

This is episode 6 of the Podcast, and the third study in the Matthew, Chapter 18 series.  In this episode we will discuss the versus 20 and 21 and the answer that Peter gives to his Rabbi.  Are questions answers?  What can we learn from these questions?  Is this an answer?

Matthew 18: Episode 2

In this episode we will discuss and cross-reference the bigger picture of events and relationships found in Matthew 18.  Themes that show up are The Kingdom, Freeing and Binding, Faith, Forgiveness, Restoration of Relationships, and .....Children?

Matthew 18: Episode 1

In this episode we will be introducing the 2nd series; Matthew 18.  We will be taking a look at some the cultural background concerning age and education expectations of Israelite students in the first century, and what makes Jesus similar or different from most Rabbis. 

Samson study series

Samson: Episode 3

In this episode we explore some of the missing pieces of Samson's story as one of the Judges, a Nazerite, and see if there are any changes in the narrative of Samson's story in his final chapter.  Is there any contextual support that Samson is a large man?  And why does his story matter? 

Samson: Episode 2

In this episode, we dive deeper into chapters 13, 14, and 15 of Judges, and tackle questions about promised sons, the judges, Nazerites, and is Samson more like He-Man or ...someone else?

Samson: Episode 1

This is the first episode for a study on Samson from Judges 13, 14, 15, and 16.  This episode introduces ideas from Chapter 13.  This podcast will focus on curious scenes from the Bible, and examine details that we ignore or in some cases details that we have adapted into our understanding that is not supported in the text