• T.J. Gentry

Counterculture Warriors

Ours is an age of mirrors.

Addicted to the thought of self, individuals of infinite worth huddle together en masse as they shuffle along the broad road that leads them anywhere but towards life.

The sides of the road are lined with mirrors, with reflections of this act or that moment or those days, and all the mirrors do is keep the eyes of the people on themselves as they desperately seek to find deeper meaning in rituals and events made shallow by selfishness.

The mirrors control the persons, reducing them to spectators of their own existence. Always primping, endlessly posturing, carefully portraying what they believe is the best face for others to see, the staged collage of a life that is more prop than substance, more acting than living.

The woman of God comes into this teeming gaggle of confused souls and, simply by not looking at her mirror but choosing, rather, to look at her Savior, becomes the means to helping others look away from themselves to find themselves.

The man of God stands amid this cadre of insecure masculinity and, with a turn of his gaze away from an image that is not real toward the One in whose image he is made, leads others to see their worth in the Maker of heaven and earth.

This is the counterculture warrior that God calls each of us to be, women and men of God whose eyes are on eternity and whose hearts are filled with divine purpose. Showing the world that they can look away from the mirrors and behold the God who is love.